Aluminum Products

A variety of standard profiles are at your disposal suitable for different applications. RGC also offers tailored solutions for every need. Contact us today let’s discuss your project.

Aluminum Profiles

At RGC, we have on stock a variety of aluminum profiles and structural shapes, including angles, channels, beams, zees, and tees. Lightweight yet high-quality aluminum materials available in both structural and architectural profiles.

Commonly used for frames, awnings, windows, and doors in the glass industry. Aluminum has high reflectivity to both heat and light. Light in mass, yet some of its alloys having strengths greater than those of structural steel. A unique combination of properties that makes Aluminum one of the most versatile construction materials available. 

Add to that it’s high resistance to corrosion under most applications. You want to use aluminum due to the benefit of a virtually maintenance-free exterior that resists the elements. Available in silver, anodized or with powder coating gives you the ability to choose a variety of color that will complement any of your projects. 

Used in different types of application such as awnings, windows, fixed or sliding doors with one, two or three or any number of panels that glides horizontally and/or as partitions, building facade or frames for glass walls.

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