CNC Glass Cutting

We use highly advance, CNC Glass Cutting Machine to produce precise, custom made shape or volume order of evenly sized, regular cut glass

CNC Glass Cutting

We offer you complete solutions for high-speed glass production done by highly skilled operators and our very own, full line, state-of-the-art, CNC glass cutting machine. 


With this highly technologically advanced machine, cutting of same-sized cut glass is now as easy as it can get. Complete with loading and breaking facility, this modern CNC Glass Cutting Machine is impressive due to its speed and cutting accuracy.

Not only can we cut and deliver regular cut-to-size glass – faster as compared with other wholesaler and supplier of glass, we can also cut irregular shapes or custom made glass shape based on your specific requirements.



Rectangular or irregular cut shaped glass for general or aesthetics purposes. Fast and uniform cut-to-size glass especially for large projects or volume orders.

Some applications are;

  • Regular rectangular shaped glass
  • Irregular or custom-made shaped glass
  • Volume orders of uniform cut sizes for building projects, showroom, facade, windows, canopy
  • Any project with large glass quantity


The most important benefit of our glass cutting service is speed and accuracy.

Main advantages are;


  • Speed – one line capable of automatic loading, cutting, and breaking.
  • Accuracy & Uniformity – due to it’s CNC function, we can program any shape to its control panel and execute the cut without any human intervention except during the final unloading steps



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