Glass Drilling

We have the ability to drill multiple hole sizes to suit a variety of fixtures and fittings.

Glass Hole Drilling

 Richmond Top Glass Works Corp. invest not just in tools but the right machine to deliver clean, damage-free holes. We have Drilling Machine for holes up to 100mm. We also have CNC Glass Cutting Machine for cutting near perfect shapes and holes larger than 100mm 

Glass Hole Drilling Machine

You can drill glass without breaking it but you need to have the right tools. With Richmond Top Glass, we invest not just in tools but the right machine to deliver clean, damage-free holes (opening). 

There are many things that can go wrong if you are not careful and aware of the risks involved. Manually made holes (opening) drilled by use of hand tools normally have rough edges. This can easily cut through your skin and aside from that rough edges tends to be the starting point of glass breakage. Damaging the glass can be very costly, resulting in lost labor, raw materials (glass), and equally important your time.   

Because we care about our customers, we have the machine and the correct tools to meet your requirement. And this makes our job so much easier and safer as well. , Having our own machines is a great way to consistently deliver your glass with opening or holes that are clean, in a fast, safe and reliable method.


To make glass doors, opening, slots, speak hole, door handle and many others

Some applications are;

  • lotto and pawnshop outlets
  • door handle and fittings
  • bank teller booth
  • furniture decor


The most important benefit of drilling glass by machine are safety, accuracy and clean edge holes.

Main advantages are;

  • Speed – drill holes more than twice as fast compared with ordinary hand tools  
  • Safety – eliminates risk of  glass breakage due to manual handling when turning  the glass upside down in order to drill both sides. Drilling glass all the way from one side is impossible with core drills. 
  • Accuracy – make holes top and bottom at the same time with perfect mechanical alignment 
  • Clean Edges – edges that are smooth and free from small shards



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