Flat Edge Polish

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Flat Edge Glass Polish

Flat Edge Polish as the name implies is a flat edge with a small 45 degree chamfer on the very top and bottom.

Many  years before,  sanding belt was used to lightly sand off the sharp edge of the glass. This process takes a very long time, and the quality of result depends on the skill of the person doing the polishing.Even though many glass processors still use sanding belt, sanding belt can never really give you that shiny mirror finish.

 Nowadays, machine polished gives a totally different result and impression. Flat straight edge polishing machine takes the grounded edge to another level, polishing the edges of your glass and giving it that elegant, nice shiny finish.

Flat edge polish is the perfect edge for Glass Protector Tops because it blends into the edges of furniture.


Beautiful to look at, nice to hold. Mainly because of aesthetics, flat edge polished glass are used in those applications where glasses are frameless and exposed. 

Some common applications are;

  • Glass dividers
  • Entrance doors
  • Enclosures
  • Glass staircase


The most important benefit of glass that are edge polished are beauty and safety.

Main advantages are;

  • Safety – polished glass edges prevents minor injuries such as cuts.
  • Edge Strength – edges of polished glass are less prone to breakage. Consequently, all tempered glass must be flat polished. Remember, all process must be done before tempering.  



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