Glass Bevelling

Bevelling is a process in which by grinding then polishing,  the machine creates an angled surface cut (bevel) around the glass edges or periphery.

Glass Bevelling

Modern beveled glass is machine made. Traditionally hand made, glass beveling is now made easy with the use of technology. Our glass beveling machine consists of nine (9) precision motors that grinds, pre-polish and polish the surface edges of a glass or mirror for a framed look. This gives the glass a luxurious and elegant finish.

This process was facilitated by the development of plastic based metal deburring wheels which provided adequate smoothing of the ground glass face without the difficulties involved with traditional aluminum oxide and natural sandstone smoothing stones.

The bevel quality is dictated by the consistency of the grinding stones, as any imperfection would scratch the glass being smoothed. Resin wheels and polishing wheels would smoothen, then polish the rough scratches created by the grinding process.


Used for aesthetics purposes, specially mirrors. Commonly used to give an elegant design to a table top, whether round or rectangular in shape.

Some applications are;

  • Vanity Mirror
  • Table Tops


The most important benefit of bevelled glass is beauty and elegance.

Main advantages are;

  • Beauty – transforms plain, dull, simple edges by incorporating angled edges frame like design
  • Elegance – edges of tempered glass are compartively strong compared to normal ordinary “annealed glass”



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