GMT Hardware

GMT’s product portfolio satisfies a broad spectrum of functional and aesthetic requirements. Tried and tested product solutions for any home, and business situation.


Classic and elegant designs specifically for architectural purposes, and access solutions.

Specialty hardware designed for glass door application. To help you create elegant homes and classy work spaces.


GMT’s door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door after someone manually opens it, or is automatically opened.

Door closers with the perfect combination of style, reliability, and durability. GMT offers you a wide range of models and features to choose from.


GMT patch fittings are visually subtle, multi-faceted and with precise functionality.

Ideal for use with tall glass doors such as banks, corporate offices,  showrooms, and glass installations on any area.


GMT’s glass seals prevents water to leak through the door frame while the door slides or pivots. Used on shower doors, shower enclosures or any glass door whether bypass or sliding doors.

Check our wide range of glass seal & wipes and prevent those leaks. 

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